Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hear the Sounds of the True South in Holly Springs

It’s true: Mississippi is the True South. It’s also true that Mississippi is the birthplace of America’s music. Country, blues, rock ‘n’ roll...they all started in Mississippi. No place in the state is that more evident than in Holly Springs.

The Mississippi Blues Trail continues its incredible journey of bringing to life the history of blues music all across the state. Blues Trail markers have been placed at sites where blues musicians lived and entertained. Others are situated at historic streets, train depots, blues clubs, cemeteries and even churches where blues musicians made their mark.

While there is a wealth of blues heritage and numerous Blues Trail markers throughout the Mississippi Delta, there are Blues Trail markers in many other parts of the state, including Holly Springs. To plan a true Mississippi Blues Trail journey, go to http://www.msbluestrail.org/ to discover where all of the markers are located across the state.

Mississippi also has a new Country Music Trail currently in development. From country greats such as Conway Twitty, Charley Pride, Marty Stuart, Faith Hill, Paul Overstreet and others, the Country Music Trail is already giving country music lovers more to enjoy and explore than ever before in Mississippi.

Some must-see stops in the Holly Springs area include:

· Our own Blues Trail Marker on the corner of North Center Street and College honoring Hill Country Bluesmen R.L. Burnside and Junior Kimbrough.

· Aikei Pros where many of the Hill Country bluesmen laid their tunes on wax.

· Foxfire Ranch who offers family friendly Hill Country Blues every Sunday at 4pm in their outdoor pavilion.

· North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic which takes place this year at Foxfire Ranch, June 24th & 25th. It’s a one-of-a-kind blues festival that draws an eclectic crowd from all over the world.

As you can see, Mississippi is in tune with music—its past, present and future. May is the perfect month to journey through the state where America’s music was born. Mississippi’s impact on music is incredible and indisputable. It’s a truth that’s literally heard around the world with so many talented musicians on display. Find your True South in Mississippi and hear it for yourself.

To learn even more to help you plan your musical trip to Holly Springs, contact the Holly Springs Tourism and Recreation Bureau by calling 662-252-2515, dropping by our office at 148 East College Avenue or by visiting us online at http://www.visithollysprings.com/.

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